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Youth Programme Freshers Results 2023

Following from the success of our 2022 Freshers Campaign, we are releasing our Freshers 2023 report, highlighting the data and statistics.

We are pleased to publish our Autumn 2023 Freshers Campaign and Survey Results. The report highlights that just over two-thirds of College and University Freshers’ students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland indicated they participate in one or more gambling activities.

Over 7 weeks in September/October 2023, the Youth Programme attended 65 Freshers events across the country and reached 21,146 students. After the success of last year’s student survey, we again used a chatbot to engage students and have them complete our Freshers survey in real-time. Compared to 2022, we took a different approach to the questions to help gather insights but also kept some questions the same to allow us to make comparisons between the two sets of results.

Key finding for the Freshers Report:

  • 71% of students in England and Wales and 69% of students in Northern Ireland are exposed to at least one form of gambling activity by someone close to them.
  • Arcades remained the most popular activity with students in both England and Wales (42%) and Northern Ireland (24%).
  • ¼ of students who said they did not gamble are now thinking about trying gambling or are going to try gambling one day after seeing a gambling advertisement.
  • 1/3 of students in England and Wales, and more than 2/5 of students in Northern Ireland are worried about how gambling is impacting their lives.

You can access the full Freshers Report below.